CH-101 UL Immersion Heater

CH-101 UL Immersion Heater

Immersion Heater(Long)

Product ID: CH101(L)

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110V/240V immersion heater is an ideal travel companion to warm up beverage when traveling either domestically or internationally.


1.          Place the container on a heat resistant insulating pad to avoid heat transfer to the worktop.

2.          Place the immersion heater in your container by hanging it over the lip (side) on the inside of the mug or pot.

3.          In general, immersion heaters may only be used to heat water and must not be used to heat oil or other liquids.

4.          Fill the container to the designated water level on your immersion heater (do not submerge the heater and make sure the coils are not exposed to air). The water level must not exceed the maximum water level mark or fall below the minimum water level mark as otherwise the appliance will be damaged.

5.          The immersion heater is equipped with fuse which, to protect the users, blows out in case of dry use.

6.          Always place item in liquid before putting plug into outlet. Plug your immersion heater into the power outlet. Please pay attention that the mains voltage is identical with the data on the handle of the appliance.

7.          When the liquid is hot, unplug the immersion heater from the outlet and only take it out of the water about 15 seconds after having unplugged it. Always remove plug from outlet before removing appliance from liquid.

8.          After being unplugged, the immersion heater is still hot for the moment and thus should not be touched or put on sensitive surfaces. Always let the appliance cool down before being put away.

  • CH101: 120V / 125W, 240V / 500W, 50/60HZ Dual Voltage
  • Packing: blister card, 100PCS/CTN 
Main Market: Africa, Europe
* Lightweight and portable * made of high grade brass  * to heat water at home, office, dorm room or traveling

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