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Electronic Gun Safe

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Electronic Gun Safe

Product ID: GUN-S1500D1EL

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Product: Digital Gun Safe (GUN-S1500D1EL)
Ningbo Honber Industry and Trade Co., Ltd, a qualified OEM Manufacturer and ODM Manufacturer for electronic safe especially for manufacture of electronic safe. It is professional on global B2B trading with electronic safe.
1. Lock system: Digital lock + L handle
2. Locking ammo box inside
3. Powder coating finish
4. Wooden or metal rifle racks are optional
5. Fixing holes can be made on the back and bottom
6. Floor carpet and screws are included
7. Dimensions can be changed based on customers' requirements
8. Various colors are optional
Model No. External Size (mm)(H*W*D) Body (mm) Door (mm) Weight (kg) Main Features
GUN-S1500D1EL 1500*360*360 3 3 70 6 guns; Digital lock + L handle; With ammo box
GUN-S1500CEL 1500*350*350 2 57 57 5 guns; Digital lock + L handle; With ammo box
GUN-S1500C2EL 1500*350*350 3 76 76 5 guns; Digital lock + L handle; With ammo box

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