We have been a manufacturer of customized synchronous motors since 1979. Our company's aim is to provide personalized service and reliable products for you. We are highly recognized for our innovative solution to application problems and for our engineering excellence in R&D. Our in-house facilities provide the versatility and capability to do complete jobs for you and to serve you based on your special requirements. We pledge to continue our pride in providing best service, on-time delivery and supreme quality and most competitive price for our customers internationally.

Our history

Date Event
Date Event
1979 Established.
1982 Factory I was expended and capital was increased to US$ 333,000.
1983 Permanent magnet department was established. 12-pole synchronous motor SD-83 and "Shaft-TIR" motor were developed.
1984 Gear department was established. DP8GA synchronous motor was developed.
1987 Synchronous Motor, SD-87 was developed, the first super slim synchronous motor in Taiwan.
1993 UL was certified.
1994 Reversible Synchronous Motor SD-94 was developed with the feature of high torque.
1995 Reversible Synchronous Motor SD-95 was developed.
1996 Capital was increased to US$ 1 million.
1998 CE Marking and EMC are certified.
2000 Factory II was established.
2002 SD83-02 was developed with the feature of single direction without clip.
2004 Hysteresis Motor SD-203 was developed; the first model in Taiwan.

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