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This Massage Chair are Human Beings never stop having needs, and thus things evolve to meet our needs.
Through the continuous process of eliminating, renovating, and evolving, we bring you products that are only better and better.
With all its evolved functions, the Takasima evolution air pressure massage chair is here to satisfy all your needs for health.
Now, we invite you to be seated to experience the abstruse meaning of health evolution and let your body recapture those touching feelings that seem so distant in memory.
Taiwan Family is one of the leaders in providing a wide range of massage chairs. Our self-branded products, Takasima massage chair, is manufactured with professional technology by excelling in product research and quality control, thereby proudly winning acclaim from every rank. We never compromise on product design, so our customers always count on the quality we deliver into the massage chair. That is why we have continuously expanded in markets overseas. For years, we has developed an enviable reputation for advanced technology, quality and reliability. Honesty, responsility, health, hamanism and technology are the five ideals implememted into every detail of the massage chairs we produced. We hold a cherished ideal to create a healthy and well-being life.
.Massage Chair
  • Pure leather.
  • Combo transmission parts.
  • 10 Massage balls.
  • LCD controller.
  • 5 auto programs.
  • 3 sections of speed and width adjustment.
  • Non-section electric chair back and foot pad with adjustment of slant.
  • Leg-shaping machine-7-speed humanized massage.
  • Elastic waving boards like hands.
  • Built CD player with surrounding effect.
  • CE

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