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Asian Development Bank
The Asian Development Bank, a multilateral finance institution, promotes economic and social progress in Asia and the Pacific.

Bank of America
Online access to your personal and business of accounts with Bank of America.

BanxQuote, the Information Services unit of BanxCorp, provides thousands of daily rates on deposits and loans from financial institutions in all fifty states and Washington DC.

Citibank is the United States' largest financial service organization. The bank serves approximately 45 million customers in over 90 countries and territories around the world.

Chase Investment Banking
Chase Manhattan Corporation provides financial services to consumers, corporations and small businesses. Online and investment banking, mortgages, credit cards, loans and investments.

Net.B@ank Internet Banking
Opening our virtual doors in October 1996, Net.B@nk, Member FDIC, is the nation's largest federal savings bank to operate exclusively through the Internet.

TheBankingChannel is your window to banking news and data from the premier provider of banking information, Thomson Financial.

The World Bank Group
The World Bank Group offers loans, advice, and an array of customized resources to more than 100 developing countries and countries in transition.

Wells OneLookSM helps you manage your online accounts-checking, savings, investments, and credit cards, even travel rewards and email. And one password and username means no jumping from site to site.

Currency Quote and Converter

1-Click Currency Conversion
1-ick Currency Conversion provides conversion service on most popular currency as well as many useful exchange rate tools such as calculator, card and calendar etc.

Exchange Rate
The given values on this site are gathered from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, representing the 12 noon buying rates and the International Monetary Fund, according to their availability.

Oanda - Classic 164 Currency Converter
You can view any exchange rates among the 164 currencies for any day between the 1st of January 1990 to the present. The currency converter is updated daily at 8:00 p.m. EST.

PACIFIC Exchange Rate Service
This service provides access to current and historic daily exchange rates through an on-line database retrieval and plotting system. Also provided is a list of all the currencies of the world with information on each country's exchange rate regime and ISO-4217 currency code.

Travel-Finder's Currency Convertor
This Java-based pop-up Currency Converter is provided by Internet Travel-Finder, a web service designed to help individuals find travel professionals and travel information on the Internet.

World Exchange Rates
A currency conversion service provided by Rubicon, a management consulting firm named after the Rubicon river in Northern Italy, over which Caesar crossed to change the course of history. The rate is quoted from the Bank of Montreal.

Xenon Interactive Currency Table
The Interactive Currency Table allows you to created cross-rate tables based in the currency of your choice, using current or historical rates.

Currency Market Information

CNN Financial Network - -Currency Market
The CNN curency service provides market information,news as well as conversion service of the most popular foreign currencies.

Currency Trend
Currency Trends is a Foreign Exchange trading tool for use by both short and long term investors in the foreign exchange market and is used by an increasing number of major global banks.

Stock Markets

Australian Stock Exchange
Australian Stock Exchange provides easy access for shareholders and potential investors to a range of information about our operations and financial performance.

CBS.MarketWatch.com - Your Eye on the Market
CBS MarketWatch provides market online news, stock quotes, finance news...etc.

eSignal, is a leading real-time quote service that delivers continuously updating, time-sensitive financial data over the Internet to active traders' and individual investors' PCs or laptops.

The American Stock Exchange
As the nation's second largest floor-based exchange, the American Stock Exchange has a significant presence in common stocks, index shares and equity derivative securities.

The Nasdaq Stock Market
The Nasdaq Stock Market is the market of choice for business industry leaders worldwide. By providing an efficient environment for raising capital, Nasdaq has helped thousands of companies achieve their desired growth and successfully make the leap into public ownership.

The New York Stock Exchange
The New York Stock Exchange has updated and enhanced its website in an effort to meet the expanding needs of all of our constituents.

Hard-hitting financial journalism. Irreverent and insightful market commentary.

SmartMoney has daily stock and mutual fund recommendations, hourly market updates, personal finance investing research tools and advice, and up-to-the-minute stock and mutual fund quotes and charts.

Wall Street City
Wall Street City is the place to be. It offers many free and premium services to suit your investment style, inc

Business News

ABCNews.com-Business News
Business News Online 24H.

Welcome to Business Wire's gateway to leading-edge news and multimedia distribution, Internet communications tools, U.S. EDGAR filings and information research for public relations and investor relations professionals.

Rated by Barron's as one of the top web sites for investors, the DBC Online web site now takes a giant step by joining forces with CBS News to create the new financial super site, CBS MarketWatch.

Headlines and special reports. Live Intercast, Squawkbox and portfolio tracking.

CNN Business News
CNNfn covers the latest international market and business developments, with up-to-the-minute stock, bond, currency and commodity exchange reports from around the world.

Nikkei Net Interactive - Japan Business News Online
Nikkei is the primary source of business information for top executives and decision-makers in Japan.

Washington Post Online: Asian News

Key stories, a timeline and latest developments.