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Multifunctional Type

Product ID: MT-20

Multifunctional Type

Multifunctional Type

Chang Yong Machinery also provides the multiple function models which can type various shapes and properties products. Chang Yong Multifunctional models especially solve packing problems such as the tire shape good has hole in the middle (tube packed cables, tires, plastic commodities, tapes). The patent certified numbers of multiple function models are 174592, 172988, 166798 that have specially function in handling various goods.

  • Max tying size: 20 cm x ∞ (7.8 in x ∞).
  • Min tying size: 2 cm x 15 cm (0.7 in x 5.9 in).
  • Machine height: 140 cm. (55 in).
  • Machine width: 60 cm. (24 in).
  • Machine length: 130 cm. (51 in).
  • Machine weight: 300 kgs. (661 lb).
  • Motor power: 1/4 hp.
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  • Multiple function for regular or specific tire shape goods.
  • Save your money on packing materials up to 20 times.
  • Super easy operation and get all the jobs done.
  • Adjustable and automatic tension control for protection products.
  • Quality guarantee, durable machine life, easy maintenance (only add oil once a week), and up to 20 years machine life under normal usage.
  • Reliable and heavy loading: Maximum carrying weight up to 60kg plus strong twin nodes.
  • Energy saving king!!! Electricity consuming equal to a fan only!!!
  • Various models applied in various industries.

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