Oxygen Analyzer

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Japanese Daiichi Nekken on-line oxygen detector and analyzer.
Application: Oxygen content detects and control on heating and cooling process of various industrial furnaces and kilns or combustion process.
Remarks: High temperature furnace gases must ducts into the detector after cooling and filter in advance (300 mms above cooling length is enough).
Example of oxygen analyzer: (Combustion gas, reducing gas, vacuum atmosphere, high purity gas, high humidity gas, high temperature humidity gas).
The steel industry:
The powder coal facilities thermal power plant equipment, steel blast furnace, coke a stove, sintering furnaces, heating furnaces, hot air furnaces, forging furnaces, continuous foundry furnaces, continuous annealing furnaces, galvanize production line.
Heat treatment furnaces:
Radiant tube heating furnaces, direct burning heating furnaces, vacuum atmosphere furnaces, enamel furnaces , endothermic/exothermal atmosphere device, atmosphere furnaces, heating furnaces of the non- iron metals and metals material, melting furnaces, annealing furnaces, sintering furnaces, oxygen-free heat treatment furnaces, bright heat treatment furnaces, oxygen content within steam measurement.
The porcelain and ceramics industry:
glass melter, glass heat preservation furnaces, mixing gas to detect in the fiber manufacturing process, porcelain and ceramics kilns, the porcelain and ceramics oxidization/reducing sintering kilns, tunnel kiln, roll stalk kiln, shuttle kiln.
  • Environmental engineering:
    • Garbage incinerator, RTO and the VOC organic waste gas incinerator, general incinerator, fluidized bed furnaces, gasification furnaces, RDF, combustion air and general air quality detect, furnace gas monitoring.
  • Other combustion procedures:
    • Boiler, refinery furnaces, inert gas in the tank, high temperature oxygen content detects, high humidity oxygen content detects.
  • Electronics engineering:
    • semi-conductor manufacturing equipments, atmosphere gas detects, gas diffusion furnaces, sintering furnaces, CVD device, gloves box, vacuum equipment, nitrogen reflux welding furnaces, nitrogen dyeing welding furnaces.
  • Clean air:
    • Liquefaction separates device, air refined device, nitrogen generation device, oxygen generation device, medical treatment uses oxygen, inert gas measurement, high purity oxygen measurement, nitrogen and oxygen public management system, air oxygen content detects, hospital clean air oxygen content detects.
  • Food, pharmaceutical and biochemistry industry:
    • Nitrogen seals to pack, store, fermentation tank, oxygen detects in high temperature and high humidity.
  • Experiment and research:
    • Atmosphere controls, measuring.

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