Rong Tsong Precision Technology Co.

Application example 1

Oringial material: Dried Fish Bone

Model: RT-34

Ths sieve specification:Approximately 80mesh(0.7mm)

Application example 2

Original material: Camphor

Model: RT-20HS

The sieve specification:Approximately 12mm

Application example 3

Original material: Green Bean

Model:  RT-N12


Application example 4

Original material: Peanut

Model: RT-66S

The sieve specification:Approximately 10mesh
The powder of peanut approximately 30mesh. 

Application example 5

Original material: Tongkat Ali 

Model: RT-C200

The finess is approximately 1mm


Application example 6

Original material: Corn

Model: RT-34

The sieve of specification:Approximately 80mesh (0.7mm)

Application example 7

Original material: White Fungus

Model: RT-CR30

The sieve specification: Approximately 7mm

Application example 8

Original material: Lignum Aloes

Model: RT-34

The sieve specification: Approximately 6mm

Application example 9

Original material: Dried Chili

Model: RT-30HS

The sieve specification:Approximately 100 mesh(0.4mm)

Application example 10

Original material: Tree Root

Model: RT-CR30

The sieve specification:Approximately 7mm

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