Shine Kon Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Shine Kon Enterprise CO., LTD. (Taiwan) was established in 1983 and Kun Shan Shine Kon Enterprise CO., LTD. was established in 2004. We can produce the following whole-plant equipment with injection molding machine.

01 Flexible PVC (transparent) Sheet and Film Plant Equipment

02 Rigid/Semi-rigid PVC Sheet and Film Plant Equipment

03 PVC Leather and Sponge Leather Plant Equipment

04 Tarpaulin Coating Equipment

05 Dry/Wet PU and PVC Synthetic Leather Plant Equipment

06 Automatic Screen Printing Equipment

07 DMF Solvent Recovery Equipment

08 Plant Utilities

Shine Kon possesses specialized injection molding machine technicians and more than three decades of plenty experience, Matching hi-tech electrical control skills and customers' whole-plant requirements, for example, we offer quality PVC calendar machine, PVC sheet machine or gravure printing machine for various demand. The staff of Shine Kon persists in prudential spirit to achieve every task from R&D, procurement, manufacture, assembly and trial.

After so many years of efforts, Shine Kon has deserved a fine reputation as well as dignity of its whole-plant equipment in quality and function at home and abroad.

We strongly believe Shine Kon can provide every single machine or whole-plant equipment to fit clients' need. Shine Kon (Taiwan & Shanghai) is your best choice.

Contact Detail

  • CEO

    Mr. W.F. Jaw
  • Sales Contact

    Sales Representative -- Jimmy Chu (Taiwan), Shen yun yu (Shanghai,Kunshan)
    Sales Leader -- Nick Hung (Taiwan),Wu yun fu (Shanghai,Kunshan)
  • Address

    NO. 171, Tung Chio Lu Street, Chiolu Village, Kuei Shan, Tao-Yuan, 333, Taiwan
    NO. 1575-116, Jiaxin Road, Malu Town, Jiading, Shanghai, 281801, China
    NO. 189, Yingbin East Road, Zhoushi Town, Kunshan, Jiangsusheng ,215314, China
  • Tel

    886-3-3297218 (Taiwan)
    86-512-86166088 (Kun Shan,China)
  • Fax

    886-3-3291327 (Taiwan)
    86-512-86166089 (Kun Shan,China)
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