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As a well-established supplier and manufacturer in Taiwan, Taijune Enterprise Co., Ltd. has a reputation for offering quality heat exchanger. Moreover, the supplier also provides its customers with related products, such as shell & tube, finned tube, and coil tube heat exchanger. With both good management and advanced technology, the supplier has been recognized as one of the most reliable manufacturers in the ships & accessories industry since 1976.

Taijune is the leading supplier of heat exchanger. We provide it as a device for efficient heat transfer from one to another. Our product can be applied to cars, refrigerators, air conditioners and so on. Beside, our heat exchangers are quite popular in the industry with good reputation of best quality.

Heat exchangers are commonly used in petroleum refineries, space heating, refrigeration, power plants, air conditioning, chemical plants, petrochemical plants, natural gas processing, and sewage treatment.

Our business scope also encompasses design and manufacture; from shell-shaped tube, fin-shaped tube to heat exchanger coil for the application of concentration, evaporation, general heating and cooling, hot air recuperation and more.

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