Steam Boiler (Once-Through HES Series)

Steam Boiler (Once-Through HES Series)

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Steam Boiler

Product ID: Once-Through, HES

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Editor's note

As a well-established supplier and manufacturer in Taiwan, Taijune Enterprise Co., Ltd. has a reputation for offering quality steam boiler. Moreover, the supplier also provides its customers with related products, such as once-through boiler, steam boiler, and fire tube boiler. With both good management and advanced technology, the supplier has been recognized as one of the most reliable manufacturers in the machinery industry since 1976.

Small-sized, fast-start and the extreme-safety-concerned are the most important advantages of steam boiler HES series. HES boiler is convenient, energy saving and easy-to-operate for users in every field. HES series of steam boiler is consisted by three rotational pipes that makes hot air moves evenly in rotation system to keep the heat from obstruction in certain tubes.

HES steam boiler is small but very powerful. It is equipped with efficient burning implement to ignite with coil under high pressure; as a result, the instrument requires not only less trouble than gas ignition, but also saves a lot on labor and fuel cost.

HES steam boiler is fully automatic with automatic level system, discharging system and burning control system. It is designed under extreme safety concerned, and reduces the risk of getting hurt. Besides gas boilers, it also presents hot water boilers.

  • To reduce production cost
    • Exclusive for 200kg/hr~2000kg/hr fuel systems.
  • Suitable for fuel made in taiwan
    • Complete combustion system for c heavy oil.
  • To match local water quality
    • Water tube boiler, vertical tubular assembly, replaceable for each tube.
  • Certificate
    • TBA/CBA, SQL, ASME(optional), 3rd-party(optional)
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  • SQL
  • ASME (optional)
  • 3rd-party (optional)

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