USB Flowerpot

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This USB flowerpot is a fashionable and practical toy with cool outlook and firm structure. You can plant small vegetations in the flowerpot. Meantime, this device is connected with the PC via the USB cable which is able to remind watering, sunshine and caring to ensure the healthy grow of the plants. And you should install the software with the drive attached before to use the auto-reminding function.

Add more fun to your work and life
Plants may absorb the radiation from the PC
PC will remind watering, sunshine and caring automatically so that
Your flowers can grow healthily
Three LED lights on the flowerpot remind watering, sunshine and caring respectively
Looks fashion and firm structure
Easily Installed operation software
Writing flower diary to record your feeling when planting flowers
Support USB3.0, USB2.0, USB 1.0
Support Windows XP, VISTA, Windows 7

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