ReSpimask®: Nanofiber Facemask with Extra Filtration Efficiency

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ReSpimask® - the most effective protection on the facemask market! Facemasks with RESPILON® nanofiber membrane stop dangerous viruses, bacteria, mold, smog, pollen and dust particles. Protection from Ebola and Tuberculosis.

Brand Name ReSpimask®

Color White

Size S (2.5 – 5 years), S+ (5 – 10 years), M, L

Material Polymer, Nanofiber Fabric

ReSpimask® is made from RESPILON® - an extremely dense nanofiber membrane (more:

NO AIR LEAKS - Original shape design and adhesive strip assures a perfect fit

NO CHEMICALS - Protects the upper respiratory tracts by pure mechanical filtration only!

HIGHEST PROTECTION - Captures particles ≥ 0,025µm, including flu viruses and Ebola

Reliable protection from air pollution – an ideal solution for people living in permanent smog conditions

Reliable protection from allergens - ReSpimask® stops pollen, dust particles, mildew and spores

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ReSpimask® Nanofiber Facemask with Extra Filtration Efficiency