LED curtain wall glass

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LED curtain wall glass

LED glass is made up of LED light-points to be insulated between the glasses, it is a kind of high-tech glass products, which can arrange the light points into different patterns, styles and letters. It is a kind of innovation in the glass production industry during the recent years. It creats a completely new application area for glass products, and also leads a new industry revolution for light-emitting materials.LED glass itself is a kind of safe glass, it is laminated construction glass, has the effect of anti-UV, anti-radiation. its power comsuption is only 10% of the ordinary lightings, it is energy saving 5% comparing with neon light, features as safe,enviromental protection and energy-saving. LED glass: you cannot find the cable on the glass surface, so it is not troublesome on cable arrangements, and nice on looking. AODE LED glass can be made as flat glass and bending/curved glass acoording to customers different use.

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