ac cross flow fan

ac cross flow fan

AC 30~65mm Diameter Cross Flow Fan

Product ID: AC Tangential Fan

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Product specifications:CE43FF AC Cross Flow Fan
Blade diameter: φ43 mm
Installation size: 60*60*160~435mm
Working voltage: 110/220 VAC
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Speed: 2300~3000R.P.M
Material: Fan: shell material: galvanized plate, black
Blade: aluminum alloy
Rubber: silicone rubber
Motor type: shaded pole motor
Bearing type: Ball/Sleeve
Insulation class: Class F/Class H
Safety protection: impedance protection
Working temperature: -10°C ~ 65°C(Ball)
Product net weight: 520~920g
The service life: Ball:3000Hr(40℃)
Connection: 2 wires
* Need additional terminal, please provide terminal brands and models
* Standard type is for horizontal installation, for vertical installation, need additional requirements.
* For high temperature use, need additional requirements.
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