Portable interactive whiteboard

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Interactive whiteboard
portable interactive whiteboard
electronic whiteboard
convert any board into interactive whitebard
portable interactive whiteboard

electronic whiteboard

EduBoard P3000 is not only an interactive whiteboard which needs a projector or a DLP display to work with, but also a digital copy board with which you can save, print, e-mail and on-line share what you write/draw on a conventional whiteboard or glass board using a whiteboard pen/marker when a projector is not available in classroom.

EduBoard P3000, not only an Interactive white board, but also a digital Copyboard!

Features of interactive whiteboard P3000:

1.Pens use long-lasting lithium watch batteries.

2.EduBoard software has unlimited user licenses.

3.Mounting brackets for portable or permanent setup.

4.Integrates seamlessly into your existing workflow.

5.Portable EduBoard receiver attaches to any standard whiteboard up to 9 feet by 3 feet.

6.Interactive Whiteboard
  • CE & RoHS

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