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Can convert any board into interactive whiteboard
Free szie from 30 to 100 inch
Warranty:3 Year; Certificate:CE & RoHS
EduBoard P1000 is a hot sale portable interactive whiteboard (electric whiteboard) which can be attached to any hard and smooth surface, and turn the surface (such as the conventional blackboard, whiteboard, wall, DLP, PDP and LCD) into an interactive learning space. EduBoard P1000 plus a conventional whiteboard functions same as the electronic-magnetic or pressure sensitive interactive whiteboard, while has the unique features as listed below:


♦ Cost-effective

Full function interactive whiteboard, has high capability with lower cost.

♦ High compatibility

Can compatible with existing teaching and office resource such as projector, curtain, blackboard and popular teaching software etc.

♦ Reliable

Greater accuracy, higher resolution, lower latency and refraction, larger working space enabled by break-through Unified- Infra technology.

♦ Convenient installation

The 90°L-shaped corner designed and only 3 cm width arms, ensures the receiver can be fully embedded in all the borders.

♦ Work easy

With simple setting, everyone can obtain the operation freely in 1 minute, just like use the mouse.

♦ High technology

With the 4th generation wireless positioning technology, EduBoard products don’t rely on any specialized board for interacting.

♦ Low maintenance cost

High-integration, reliable, convenient installation and easy usage result in a low maintenance cost.

♦ Low-cost inputs

High compatibility with existing teaching resource, avoid waste equipment, Low-cost inputs than traditional interactive whiteboard.

Core Technology

♦ Super Positioning Technology:

Employ a break-through ultrasonic-infrared positioning technology (Unified Ultra-Infra) with a reliable performance. Greater accuracy, higher resolution, much stable, lower latency and larger working space enabled by break-through Unified Ultra-Infra Technology.

♦ Invention patent, word-class technology:

Have world-class technology team partners who are from the computer giant Intel Corporation, have helped organizations increase their productivity level as well as achieve communication goals and budgets.
  • CE & RoHS

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