PL precision planetary gearbox

Product ID: FL004

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PL precision planetary gearbox, PL precision planetary reducer, PL precision planetary reduktor, PL precision planetary redüktör
PL40/WPL40,PL50/WPL50,PL60/WPL60,PL70/WPL70,PL80/WPL80,PL90/WPL90,PL120/WPL120, PL140/WPL140, PL160/WPL160, PL200/WPL200
Product Features:
1. integrated planetary arm bracket
The planetary arm bracket and the output shaft are on-piece constructed to increase torsional rigidity and accuracy. The entire structure is one-time machined for controlling accuracy in the specified tolerance
2. complete honed toothings
The planetary and sun gear are manufactured from high quality 20CrMnTi, precision machined ad carburized, precision teeth grinding assures gear accuracy reaches Din5 Class. It provides better wear resistance impact resistance, low noise and longer service life than gears with only surface nitride.
3. double bolt powerful lock input shaft
Tnput shaft and lock the one-piece structure is designed. Double bolt symmetric distribution, no need to go c

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