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Snow Bike Conversion Kits:

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This rear drive track system creates a fun world of winter biking opportunities. this unique design provides 25 times the traction and flotation of the average mountain bike wheel…and when you attach the front ski attachment, cross- country and downhill prospects are endless! I want to take this puppy for a test drive right now!

Turn Your Mountain Bike into a Snowmobile: SnowBike Complete Drive Kit

The rear drive track kit comes in 20 to 26 inch. wheel sizes, takes about as long to install as changing a tire, and adds grip on sand and snow. The front ski (top right) is optional, but fun.

Its traction boosting Rear Drive Kit, which consists of a composite wheel with a polyurethane track, is the first step in turning your mountain bike into a muscle powered snowmobile. To complete the transformation, the Ski Kit swaps the front wheel with a single, steerable ski. The kits work

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