GV-FC Series Dust Extractor

Product ID: GV-FC

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GV-FC series are developed by the introduction of Germany technology and equipped with timing vacuum devices which can vacuum timingly. This series are specially designed for industrial places which need high vacuum environment and vacuum continuously and would be the best choice for pump systems.
1. Dust collector capacity: 40L
2. Filter area: 36m2
3. Suction caliber: diameter 200mm

Technical parameters:
Voltage 380V 380V 380V 380V
Power 2.2KW/3hp 3KW/4hp 4KW/5hp 5.5KW/7hp
Max. Vacuum 2.5Kpa 3Kpa 3Kpa 3.5Kpa
Airflow 1560m3/h 1620 m3/h 3000 m3/h 4500 m3/h
Dust collector 55L 55L 65L 65L
Noise Level 77dB 77dB 77dB 77dB
Dimensions/mm 1200×780×1750mm

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