Zexel Nozzle DN4S1 Bosch Nozzle DN4SD24

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KangDa Diesel Parts Co.,Ltd are producingall kind of Nozzle, Plunger and Delivery valve, such as S type, P type (short and long spray) which are available to match with inside and outside diameter rang in 60-135mm of diesel engine. Our Product has beautiful shape, good performance, reliable operation and high cost performance characteristics.
Our diesel fuel injection parts is of high quality and long-time, which can be used to replace expensive and original pars of (Bosch), (Denso), (Zexel), (Delphi), (Dwoon), (7 Diesel), (Euro Diesel),(GAMMA DIESEL), (MOTOPAL DIESEL),(GAMMA DIESEL), (OMAP Diesel)
105000-0010 DN4S1 KOMATSU 2D94
105000-1130 DN4SD24 HINO Isuzu DM100/2D/4DR/4DR50A 105000-1740 DN0SD193 ISUZU/NISSAN DIESEL 4FB1/4BA1
105000-1220 DN12SD12 4DR50A/K713/LE802
105007-1620 DN0PD628 TOYOTA
105007-1120 DN0PDN112 MITSUBISHI
105007-1260 DN4PD57 TOYOTA
105007-1290 DN10PDN129 MITSUBISHI
105007-1300 DN10PDN130 MITSUBISHI

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