PI7600 Frequency Inverter

PI7600 Frequency Inverter

Vector Control Variable Frequency Inverter PI7600

Product ID: TCEC1001

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PI7600 Series frequency inverter is a newly-upated product meeting the market requirement, with advanced space voltage vector. SPWM control technology, high-powered IGBT and DSP chip. Built-in current control-loop, achieve high-accuracy closed loop control. Reaches high accuracy requirement on output voltage & frequency. Also brand-new production craft and perfect testing equipments, which ensure the high working stability, PI7600 inverter will offer you better motor control solution.

Product Features:

1) Brand-new software & hardware design

2) Excellent feature upgrade

3) Higher quality insurance

4) Fashionable industrialized appearance

5) DSP-base IGBT, achieve high-efficiency & high-powered control

6) V/F,V/F+PG, vector +PG3 control functions

7) 3 types of space voltage vector Wave produce mode

8) Dead zone compensation function, achieves low frequency high power output

9) Automatic slip compensation

10) 10 methods to set frequency. imitation terminals can accept user defined signal with in 0-10V,0-20A

11) Maximum 7 sections speed and 8 sections acceleration control.

12) 6 programmable output control terminals

13) Build-in PID control function, achieves high-powered close loop control.

14) Supports 0-10V,1-5V,0-20Ma,4-20mA return signal.

15) PID based DC brake.

16) Speed pursue starting and restart after momentary power loss

17) Strong communication function, supports standard RS485 and Can Bus, remote keyboard input function as well.

18) Human-based display list, LCD display with LED, displays 3 status parameter in the mean time.

19) Particular IGBT temperature rise supervising function, adjusts the fan, and reduce the motor noise and temperature rise duly.

20) High-efficiency failure checking and recording function, facilitates removal of fault.

21) Parameter protect function

22) Unique design to reduce the pollution to power

For more detail, pls visit http://www.china-rectifier.com/PI7600&7800.asp
  • ISO9001:2008

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