Network jamming system with remote monitoring (can be upgraded to more than 4 channels), special for jail and prison

Product ID: P-4421GM

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Product’s Description:
* Advanced high technology of super-high frequency broadband interference and military electronic countermeasure interference. Intelligent integrated system
* Remote monitoring, alarm, software administration on the whole jamming system.
* Modularization combination, easy for installation and debugging, convenient for upgradation to future new communication system by adding module of new communication channel.

* High-speed frequency measurement technology, real-time dynamic adjusting of frequency ensure the high stability of output frequency. Frequency deviation is smaller than the similar products in the current market.
* Digitalize frequency output controlling technology, users can write frequency by themselves, easy for setting frequency which need to be jammed.
* Satisfy the demand of super high capacity network buildup.
* Remote monitoring, alarm, software administration via the computer.
* Unique design in outer housing make it waterproof, dustproof, earthquake-resistance and good heat dissipation improve product’s reliability and working life.
Output Frequency Average Output Power Channel Output Power
CDMA 870-880MHZ 38dBm(5W) 7dBm/30KHZ
GSM 930-960NHZ 38dBm(5W) 5dBm/30KHZ
DCS 1805-1850MHZ 33dBm(2W) 1dBm/30KHZ
3G 2110-2170MHZ 33dBm(2W) 1dBm/30KHZ
Power supply: AC/DC 12V-24V or DC5V(optional)
Total output: 13W
Jamming Range: 10-50M depending on the actual signal field strength
Oil and gas station, Class room, Testing facilities, military and police, prison and jail, and other national security special occasions where is needed to build up whole network for centralize control management
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