C1-1901JT, Pewter-Ceramic Jewelry Tray/Candle Holder.

C1-1901JT, Pewter-Ceramic Jewelry Tray/Candle Holder.

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Pewter-Ceramic Jewelry Tray / Candle Holder.

Product ID: C1-1901JT, C1-1902JT.

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Pewter-Ceramic Jewelry Tray/Candle Holder, made of fine pewter
(over 90% of Tin & exactly no Lead)with Porcelain Plates.
Article No. C1-1901JT, C1-1902JT, Pewter-Ceramic Jewelry Tray/Candle Holder.
Logo: Bellona-Tokyo. but made in Taiwan.
Size: C1-1901JT(143x145x28mm), C1-1902JT(152x152x35mm).
Markets: Worldwide.
Finish: Fine Pewter polished.

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