CNC620 Versatile Spring Former

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The CNC-6XX series machines are equipped with two servo motors for wire feed drive and cam shaft rotation. Both motors are synchronously controlled by a well designed 586 industrial grade computer. It can be ordered up to six axes, such as rotating quill, hook station and servo spinners.
By utilizing high precision characteristics of servo motor and computer, highly precise and complex spring shapes con be made relatively simply just using present programs. Both motors can be rotated forward and backward, giving the ability to feed wire in either direction and to move a tool in, out, and back in again by reserving the direction of the cam shaft under the computer's control.
The combined procedure or optional accessories like rotating quill, hook station, servo spinner and servo motor enable the machine to produce complicated springs in one operation. For example, battery spring, double torsion spring, oval compression spring, English and German extension springs, German extended hook, German extended overlap hook, English overlap hook extension, spiral spring and wire forms part etc.
  • Spring Former ( 0.4 - 2.3mm)
    • * Wire diameter: 0.4 - 2.3 mm
  • * Strip size: 1.0 - 12.0 mm
  • * Max. 6 axes
  • * On screen HELP manu
  • * Printer port
  • * Servo control MS mode and CNC mode
  • * TEACH edit
  • * Edit-on-the-fly
  • * Priority control
  • * Programmable pause timing/duration
  • * Programmable jogging speed
  • * Optional rotating quill, servo spinners,
  • hook station, MPG, etc.

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CNC Versatile Spring Machine