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Providing an interface between PBX/PABX landline and GSM/CDMA network, the fixed wireless terminal (FWT, also known as fixed cellular terminal, fixed cellular unit) enables users to get connected to GSM/CDMA network with normal dual band phones. By least-cost-routing, that is: automatically identify the numbers and route them to PSTN or GSM/CDMA network respectively, thus to cut cost of interconnection charges. It provides anti-polarity signal for billing meters. When connected with a fax machine, it can send and receive fax via CDMA network. In weak reception area, it works better than mobiles.
1. Working frequency: 900/1800 GSM (800/1900 CDMA) (dual band)
2. Supports GSM/CDMA phase2 standard
3. Supply voltage: 220V/50 Hz utility power
4. Environment temperature: -10慢 ~ 40 慢
5. Environment humidity: 10%~95% (non-condensing)
6. Environment noise: