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K200 Series: THe K200 series electrodes are extremely high quality electrodes made with Axelgaard's multistick gel. Due to their extreme quality and great pricing they are a huge hit with Healthcare Practitioners! The K200 series electrodes are available in Tan Cloth or White Foam. The Tan Cloth version is our most popular style due to the softer texture of the cloth, however, the White foam version is preferred by healthcare practitioners who lay hot moist packs on top of the electrodes during therapy(The white foam helps block the moister from the gel)
Private Labeling The K200 series electrodes are avaible with private labeling, a big hit with DME companies(Your patient's & doctor's will have your name and number available for re-orders!

K100 Series: The K100 series electrodes are a middle grade electrode with about a 5 to 8 use application. The K100 series electrode is extremely well priced, which makes it very popular. The K100 series is only available in the 2x2 size, K120.

K50 Series: The K50 series electrodes are our disposable electrodes with about 3 applications. The K50 electrodes are packaged 40 individual electrodes per pouch. The K50 electrodes pricing and convenient packaging makes them a hit. It is very commmon for a doctor/supply company to give a pouch of 40 with each TENS device prescribed.

WA Series: The WA series are carbon rubber electrodes for use in the clinic setting. The WA series electrodes are non-adhesive and a conductive spray or water is commonly used to help conductivity. The WA series are slightly pliable which helps them conform to the body for maximum area dispersement. The WA series electrodes are typically replaced about every 6 months.
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