confetti cannon

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The confetti cannon is a new generation of environmental celebration goods which does not have powder, pollution and noise. This product utilizes compressed gas to power its launch. When you turn on the switch, the contents will be spurted into the sky 3-25 meters with thousands of colored flowers, strips, umbrellas and other lucky things floating in the sky, ensure the festival to utmost joyful atmosphere. It not only dose not contain explosive, poison, pollution, noise, it is easy to operate, transport and preserve, but also breaks through the original limits that firecracker only could be displayed outside door and fireworks only at night. It is the best substitute of traditional fireworks and has gained many patents in many countries. It can be widely applied in celebration, opening ceremony, performance, wedding, sports game, carnival, christmas day and so on.
.no poison, no pollution, no noise

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confetti cannon, remote electric launcher