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Our history

Date Event
Date Event
Sep, 1996 Obtain Netherlands DNV ISO-9002 quality assurance certificate.
Oct, 1996 The first Taiwan/China mask manufacturer to get NIOSH N95/N99 certificate.
Apr, 1998 Obtain U.K. BSI ISO-14001 environmental management certificate.
Oct, 1998 The first Taiwan / China mask manufacturer to establish the filter media production line.
Apr, 1999 Develop the resin-free ACMB active carbon pre-filter successfully.
July, 1999 Obtain U.K. BSI ISO-9002 quality assurance certificate.
July, 1999 The first Taiwan/China mask manufacturer to get EN149 FFP1S/FFP2S/FFP3S certificate.
July, 2001 Obtain the latest EN149: 2001 FFP1/FFP2/FFP3 certificate.

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