Heart-Type Shaft Forging Stamping Parts

Heart-Type Shaft Forging Stamping Parts

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Heart-Type Shaft Forging Stamping Parts

Product ID: Yocoso-5

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Yocoso Corp Manufacturer, Gear shaft, the shaft shaped, Brake axis, Ratchet-axis, the tool axis, Connecting the axle Applications include: automotive, motorcycle and drive rotation system parts, mechanical equipment and transmission systems to accessories.
Bush, gaskets, nuts, live event, the dust cover, the China Division, fastener, brake rod connecting rod, the rod shaped then spent joint tooth, hand tools, cutting tools, cushions, sets of barrels, drive shaft, gear Shaft, the shaft shaped, brake axis, ratchet-axis, the tool axis, the axis linking the relevant parts, hand tools, pneumatic tools and accessories related to power tools, automobiles, motorcycles and transmission system rotating parts, automobiles, motorcycles, motor system Accessories, machinery equipment and transmission systems to parts, accessories farming system (land set aside, an excavator, rock-breakers), the oil refining industry with the rotation system, transmission parts, bicycle parts, gardening tools and gardening machinery parts, machinery, tools and hardware Tool-related parts, such as various types of forging, stamping, extrusion-finished parts, design, development, manufacture, production (OEM & ODM).

Material Types

  • S45C~S50C~S55
  • SCM420~SCM415~SCM440
  • SNCM420~SNCM440~SNCM220

Main Products

Cold Forging, Warm Forging, Hot Forging, Forging Stamping, Transmission, Bicycle Parts, Tool Parts

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