89A472A "Ocelot" Series - Year 2004 New


89A422A "Ocelot" Series - Year 2004 New

"Ocelot" Special Semi-Soft Boot CNC Aluminium Inline Skates

Product ID: 89A472A & 89A422A

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Unique Year 2004 New Semi-Soft Boot With 6061 T6'S CNC Or Plate Aluminium aLLOY Frame Inline Skates!!!
These skates will have your engine on overdrive!!
  • They are all designed with unique & high performance 6061 T6/A13 "CNC-X" series' CNC or "JH-616" series' Plate 6016 T6 aluminium frame along with 1pc durable TPR heel stopper (Option : Aluminium stop frame along with TPR stopper).
    • All series with "Ventilration System" and inner shoes also with "DuPont - CoolMax" material.
    • All series boot upper with "3M - Scotchilte Reflective" Material.
  • EN71
  • EN13843
  • Full CE Standard

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