CTCI Machinery Corporation

Chairperson Mr. T. J. Huang

President C. C. Lee

Our History:

Date Event
1976 CTCI Kaohsiung Fabrication Shop is established. Its primary products are towers, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, and related piping for petroleum refineries, petrochemical and chemical plants, and power plants.
1980 Taiwan's first set of cold boxes is fabricated for China Man-Made Fiber Corporation (CMFC).
1981 A zirconium tower and heat exchangers are fabricated for CPDC's acetic acid plant. This is the first time that zirconium equipment is manufactured in Taiwan. Even today, CTCI Kaohsiung Fabrication Shop is still one of the few zirconium pressure vessel manufacturers anywhere in the world.
1982 The cold box for CPC's ROC plant is fabricated and constructed. The success of this project is particularly noteworthy because the welding work had to be performed at the field site due to the large size of the cold box.
1983 CTCI Kaohsiung Fabrication Shop is certified to manufacture U and U2 stamped vessels. It is still one of few fabrication facilities in Taiwan authorized to do so.
1986 The largest pure titanium storage tank in Taiwan is fabricated and constructed for Taiwan Chlorine Industries, Ltd.'s Kaohsiung Plant.
1988 The high volume blender and silo (5.2m diameter x 25m length), made of aluminum ASTM-5052, are fabricated for USI Far East Corporation's LLDPE plant in Kaohsiung.
1990 CTCI Kaohsiung Fabrication Shop fabricates the high pressure pure titanium piping (24in. outside diameter/24mm thickness) for Tuntex Petrochemical Inc.'s PTA plant.
1992 The S and PP stamps are awarded to CTCI Kaohsiung Fabrication Shop by ASME. The total number of ASME-certified stamp increase to four: U, U2, S, and PP. Meanwhile, CTCI Kaohsiung Fabrication Shop is certified to carry the R stamp by the American National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors, permitting it to do repair work on equipment bearing the ASME code stamp.
1997 Build 1,400 ton/day large capacity cold box for CSC No.7 Oxygen plant. With good reputation, CTCI get the contract for building No.8 Oxygen plant for CSC again at 1999.
1999 CTCI Kaohsiung Fabrication Shop pass DNV assessment and become one of the member of ISO 9001.
2000 Two sets of regenerator each weight 500 tons with diameter 13.4 meter for RCC plant are fabricated for FPCC. The weight and size of these regenerators renew our experience record.
2001 Finish all stationary equipments fabrication work for CPC Da-Ling HDS plant, include tower 5 sets, heat exchanger 41 sets and pressure vessel 52 sets.
2002 Finish all stationary equipments fabrication work for CAPCP No.6 PTA plant, include heat exchanger 11 sets, pressure vessel 36 sets, large storage tanks 14 sets, fire heater 1 set and plant steel structure 6,571 tons.
2003 Finish the main equipments fabrication work for CPCTL N-PARAFFIN plant, include tower 10 sets, heat exchanger 31 sets, drum 12 sets . Completed the HRSG site erection work and successfully executed the roof raising for 2 sets of diameter 33 meters/ height 16.5 meters raw water tank by special air raising technology developed by ourselves for CHIAHUI power station.
2004 Equipment Fabrication Engineering of condenser, HRSG,IP/LP DRUM for TA-TAN power plant.
Height :43.5 Meter . Area: 26 M x 26M
2004 Cold Box fabrication engineering for the 9th oxygen plant of CSC ( China Steel Corporation)
2005 3 sets Storage Tank fabrication engineering of LNG 160,000 Kiloliter reception station for CPC( Chinese Petroleum Corporation), including the on site assembly of tank roof which is 78.2meter in diameter and 53 meter in height by applying the self-developed special air raising technology to lift the roof from the bottom to the top of tank.
2006 Secure the order for the fabrication of TSC(Transportable Storage Canister) placed by INER( Institute of Nuclear Energy Research)
2007 Establishment of Oxygen Plant and it’s miscellaneous equipments for Dragon Steel Company ( DSC)
2008 Qualified Vendor of ARAMCO approved in Oct.07.2008
2009 Authorized maker of Lummus HELIX Heat Exchanger
2009 CPC 720 KPA No.6 Naphtha cracker project for Helix Heat Exchanger's fabrication
2009 Human Technical Support of overlay for Taiwan Nuclear Power plant No.1 & No.2
2009 Transportable storage canister fabrication for Taiwan Nuclear Power Plant No.1
2010 CPC Corporation Ta-Lin alkylation, big size tower and low temperature drum fabrication
2010 EPC work for CPC Corporation Ta-Lin Area G 4 Sets 2000KL High Pressure Spherical Tank

Contact Details

CEO: Chairperson Mr. T. J. Huang / President C. C. Lee
Sales Contact: Sales Representative Mr. Hoffmann Chiao
Head Office:19Fl., No.366, Po Ai 1st Road, San Ming Dist., Kaohsiung City 807 Taiwan
Shop:No.5 Hsing-Kung Rd, Ta-She Dist., Kaohsiung City 815, Taiwan