Wu-Chang Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Our company's earlier business operation consisted of supplying a range of Taiwan-made/imported products to mainland China. Due to our excellent after-sales service and comprehensive stock range, we have received positive responses from our mainland-based Taiwan customers. Following Taiwan's admission to the WTO, and in order to provide more high-quality products to our customers, we began researching & developing more improved products that incorporate breakthrough designs and advanced technologies. These items include a line of well-designed air scissors and pneumatic locking pliers, which all boast easy handing as well as operation. Moreover, they also come with new patented technics, and can effectively replace traditional hand tools for maximum efficiency.
Our company's latest electric-heating cutter series is most suitable for cutting rubber, plastic, fiber and acrylic materials. It also boasts an adjustable temperature control function which enables it to adapt to different seasons or areas.
We are a professional manufacturer of electric-heating cutters and various pneumatic tools, such as pneumatic locking pliers, air scissors and so on. We also agent all kinds of electric/pneumatic tools to our customers.
Since established, we continue to abide by our company policy, which states: "Pursue Progress, Everlasting Business Operation, Good Quality & Excellent Service." Beginning from product research and improvement to production and delivery, we maintain total customer satisfaction by offering the best quality an services.
1. Pneumatic Locking Pliers
2. Air Scissors
3. Electric-heating Cutters
4. Air Screwdrivers
5. Air Riveter
6. Electric Screwdrivers
7. Micro-computer Control Tape Cutters
*Safety: all of our products are developed to meet safety and ergonomic features.
*Rapidity: our products are designed to accomodate different environmental boundaries (such as pressure adjustments to suit different areas/zones) and also meet operator's work babits (for instance, lightweight design to suit female users.) These major adjustments can effectively boost productivity and efficiency.
*Efficiency: can self-replace blades (DIY); saves maintenance costs and repair.
*Energy-Saving: unlike traditional hand tools, our patented cutters can cut through any given material with ease (such as stainless steel wires, piano cords).
Electric industries, computer assembly lines, telecommunication industries, lamp factories, home electronic appliance plants and various specialized factories, such as cutting silicone wires, screws and so on.