Facial Tissue Interfolder Machine

Product ID: CH228 4T

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Cut jumbo roll by shearing, and interfold the tissues. Packing the interfolded tissues to the paper boxes for the cartooned tissues that sold in the markets. It is convenient for drawing out one paper by one paper so that it accomplishes the purpose on convenience and economy. This folding operation of such equipment utilizes vacuum absorption. Not only it can respectively separate the base paper one by one, but also it can operate smoothly. The speed can reach 130 m/min, efficient production rate, low breakdown rate, and low material waste, which are economy and practical as being the features of this machine.
  • CH228-4T
    • Lane: 4-Lane.
    • Jumbo paper width x diameter: 912mm (W) x 1,500mm (Ø).
    • The internal diameter of paper core: 3".
    • Interfolding: "V" interfold.
    • Product dimension / unfold dimension / finished product dimension:
      • 210mm (L) x 228mm (W).
      • 105mm (L) x 228mm (W).
    • Production capacity: 10 - 130 m/min. 1 or 2 play.
    • Power: 10HP x 30HP x 1.
    • Dimension: 5,500 x 2,100 x 2,200 mm.
    • Weight: 6,000kgs.
  • The size can be ordered upon request.
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