end welder machine

end welder machine

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Seam Welder Machine

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We provide customers with a wide range of Automated welding equipment , and cutting equipment .

Compatible with TIG, plasma, CO2 and submerged etc..., welding machine.
Suitable for round tube, square tube or flate sheet etc..., metal material.
Working piece length: 100mm ~ 6,000mm.
Working piece's diameter: Ø100mm ~ Ø6,000mm.
Adopt linear guide way for the slide beam. Let torch move more accuracy and set in position.
The back lining have water cooling system inside. Easy to exhaust the welding heat and keep the well welding quality.
Unit construction design, high tension for the clamping vise.
Can modify the machine's body for big diameter tube.
Can option the hydraulic type of coil car for heavy duty working piece.

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