VAG-COM 908.1

Product ID: VAG908.1

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New products VAG 908.1 updated ODX data for 2010 models
  • Features:
    • Supports Measuring Values, Output Tests, and Adaptations on control modules using the new UDS/ODX/ASAM protocol.
  • Adds new UDS addresses and updated ODX data for 2010 models.
  • Includes support for TP1.6 protocol which is required for the 6J Ibiza and speeds up access on many modules in other models.
  • The Select Control Module screen now shows "Installed Modules" rather than "Common Modules" if the car being worked on is new enough to have a proper CAN Gateway.
  • Modified SRI Screen to show more info and force user to select a job before proceeding.
  • Adds drop-box function selection in Basic Settings and Adaptation.
  • Reads Mileage stored in many EDC16 ECUs.
  • New CODES file, now with over 13, 000 fault code and measuring value texts.
  • New USB drivers for enhanced PC compatibility and stability.
  • New firmware for HEX interfaces required for compatibility with 6J Ibiza
  • Updated Label files; better documentation for new and existing models

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