Genuine Lishi Exports(shenzhen) Ltd
In 2009, Mr Li, turned his attention to developing a tool that could pick and decode an auto lock in one simple operation. Again the ability to do this work without causing any damage to the lock was of paramount importance. So came into the market the renowned Lishi 2-in-1 Pick/decoders.

The Lishi brand being so widely regarded has been the subject of many inferior copies and counterfeits. So in May 2009 Lishi signed a partnership agreement with UAP Limited of the UK. UAP and their locksmith division Tradelocks have an unrivalled reputation for great products, great prices and unparelled service. UAP through its Tradelocks division would give to Lishi a cutting edge view on the world of auto locks. Lishi would in return give to UAP the worldwide distribution for all new tools, including the 2-in-1 Pick/decoders.

The Partnership has already seen a huge flurry of activity with new products being introduced into the market. The Lishi pick range
now stands at 30, with 21 decoders and plans to have 28 2-in-1 Pick/decoders before the end of 2011.

The Lishi Partnership has also recognised the need to protect the Lishi brand in International markets. So in July 2009, the Lishi Partnership introduced the 'Genuine Lishi Product' logo for all export orders outside of China. The exclusive brand will feature on all products sold direct from Lishi via UAP. UAP are determined to protect the Lishi brand for the benefit of Lishi customers and the ultimate consumer.

The Lishi Brand is being further enhanced with the establishing of Lishi Approved Training Centres. These centres aim to promote the benefits of the Lishi brand and the Lishi concept of Non destructive lock entry. The concept is simple: 'why trust your valuable car to someone who is not qualified to work on it?' The Lishi centres aim to promote excellence in auto-locksmith work internationally.

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