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  • Cyl. liner and Liner Kit Assembly
    • We manufacture various kinds of cylinder liners for diesel and gasoline engines : included the full-finished and semi-finished. Dealing with the surface : phosphate treatment, chrome, chrome + black, acridine + black, tenifer....etc. Also, we can supply all series liner kits for Japanese vehicle and Komatsu heavy duty machine engines,covering from 4D94E,S6D95,S6D102,S6D105,S6D108,S6D110,4D120,S6D125,4D130,6D140,S6D155,S6D170,NH220 & NT855. Our liner kit includes piston,piston pin,pin bushing,retainer,piston ring & cylinder linr.Perfect fitting & all-in-one package provide the engine mechanic the most convenient way in repairing one damaged engine.

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