E92 M3 with ARMA air intake

E92 M3 with ARMA air intake

Hyper Flow Carbon Air Intake

Product ID: Carbon Air Intake

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Focusing on high quality, high efficiency and continuous innovation, ARMA keeps working on performance perfect as well as fuel efficiency. The ARMA HyperFlow Carbon Air Intakes completely balances the performance and fuel-saving. The innovative adjustable inlet system takes account of both torques and fuel consumption at low-speed rotation. When it comes to high-speed rotation, it greatly increases the cold air flow to combustion chamber with the supercharging air-exchange system, and, within the shortest time, the hot air will be ventilated.

For BMW M3, carbon fiber tubing gulps in cold air and is the best for heat insulation, which boosts the performance and driving dynamics, and drives higher horse power as well as torques. Even at low rotational speed, torques and horsepower won’t lose because of installing ARMA Performance Kit (must work with flow adjustable air filter). ARMA certainly will never abandon the stainless-steel air filter, which is reliable, stable, high filter c

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