ESD Butterfly Face PVC Conductive Shoes for Cleanroom Safety Use & Personnel Antistatic Protection

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PVC Anti-Static Shoe (also known as PVC ESD Shoe) is made from PVC material with direct injection moulding method. It is oil resistance and thus non slip. These PVC Anti Static Shoes are suitable for use in ESD production control area.

* Volume resistance of anti-static shoes: 10E6~10E9Ω.
* Vamp materials: anti-static PVC and PU leather, thick cotton fabric, real leather, and canvas
* Sole material: Anti-static PVC and PU
* Size: 34#~44#.

Product Description
Volume resistance of anti-static shoes: 10E5~10E9Ω.
Vamp materials: white anti-static PVC batteryfly leather.
Insole material: grey conductive PVC.
Size: 34#~45#.
Insole built-in 5mm conductive wire.

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