CPAP battery pack and charger for 12V Resmed respiratory machine

Product ID: HYLB-1256

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Replacement Battery Pack and Charger
Item name: CPAP lithium battery pack for CPAP 12V Resmed S9, Resmed S8, Resmed VPAP Auto, Respironics Remstar, etc.
Model: HYLB-1256, with connector of Cigarette lighter
Nominal voltage: 14.8V
Nominal capacity: 7800mAh
Pack configuration: 4S3P
Cell: Sanyo 18650 2600mAh
Battery Dimension: 74x 69.2x 56mm
Battery Weight: about 0.6kg
Specified Charger: DC OUT 16.8V 2A
Charger Weight: about 0.3kg

Compatible With:

Resmed S9 Escape
ResMed S9 Autoset
Resmed S9 Escape Auto
ResMed S9 Elite
Resmed S8 Escape
ResMed S8 Autoset Vantage
Resmed S8 Escape II
ResMed S8 Elite II
ResMed S8 Autoset II
ResMed VPAP Auto
ResMed S8 Elite

Not Compatible:
Resmed S8 Compact
ResMed VPAP Auto 25
ResMed VPAP Malibu

Respironics Duet LX
Respironics Harmony S/T
Respironics Remstar
Respironics Remstar Auto
Respironics Remstar Auto w/Cflex
Respironics Remstar w/Cflex
Respironics Remstar w/Cflex 2
Respironics Remstar Choice
Respironics Remstar Lite
Respironics Remstar M Series Mpap
Respironics Remstar Plus
Respironics Remstar Plus w/Cflex
Respironics Remstar Pro
Respironics Remstar Pro 2
Respironics Remstar Pro w/Cflex
Respironics Remstar M Series
Respironics Remstar Plus M Series w/Cflex
Respironics Remstar Auto M Series
Respironics Sleep Easy
Respironics Synchrony
Respironics Virtuoso
PR System One Remstar Plus
PR System One Remstar Pro
PR System One Remstar Auto
PR System One BiPap

Not Compatible:
Remstar Bipap Auto SV
Remstar Bipap Auto S cn1000297981
Remstar Bipap Auto Pro
Remstar Bipap Auto Pro 2 with Bi-flex
Remstar Bipap Auto with Bi-flex
Remstar Bipap AVAPS
  • ISO9001
  • CE

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