UV weathering test chamber

Product ID: YL-2206QT

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This chamber is equipped with fluorescent UV lamp which can completely simulate the UV spectra of sunlight, thus to simulate materials in discoloration and decline of brightness and strength with devices for temperature control and humidification. The UV spectra may cause impairments like cracking, flaking off, pulverization and oxidation, as well as factors such as high temperature, high humidity, condensation and darkening period. Meanwhile, with the coordination between UV-light and humidity, single light capacity and moisture capacity would be weakened or deactivated in the chamber, which can be widely used for evaluating the weatherability of products.

Test Standards: GB/T14522-93,GB/T16422.3-1997,GB/T16585-96 etc.


Control mode: Touch screen type
Temp. Range: Room Temp.+10℃~70℃
Humidity Range: 75%~95%RH
Temp. Accuracy: ≤±0.5℃
Temp. Uniformity: ≤±2℃
Humidity Accuracy: ≤±2%
Humidity Uniformity: ≤±2%
Condensation Temperature Range: 40 ℃~60℃
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  • ISO
  • TUV

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