Universal testing machine

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The machine can be used for tensile, compression, bend, shear, peeling, tearing, low circulation test of metal, non-metal material and components. It is in keeping with the testing method and standards of ISO. GB. JIS. ASTM. DIN.

Main configuration
1、 A mechanical host
2、A set of tension fixture , a set of compression fixture, a set of bending fixture
3、A 20KN high accuracy sensor(American Celtron)
4、One S-type sensor 500N
5、A speed control system (Fuji)
6、A colored ink-jet printer A4(HP)
7、A set of Tsinghua Tongfang computer
8、A deformation measuring device
9、A set of test software(tensile, compression, bending software)

1、Can determine the tensile strength, compression strength, flexural strength, elongation, modulus, stress, strain and other parameters.
2、For physical performance testing as tensile, compression, bending of non-metallic, composite materials and products
3、Strength value scope: Matches the high accuracy sensor, the test scope is wide.
4、Deformation measurements: with a extensometer, so that more precise measurement of elongation.
Stretching: strength - elongation, stress - strain, strength - time;
force - time stretch - time, strain - time.
Compression: force - deformation, stress - strain, intensity - time,
force - time distortion - time, strain - time
Bending: force - deflection, intensity - time,
force - time, deflection - time.
6、Curve contrast:same group tests curve can many kinds of color iteration contrast.
7、Curve part enlarge: Any section of the curve, can be enlarged analysis.
8、Data analysis: May select willfully the data in the curve analysis.
9、Test report: can defer to the users needs choice different report format, uses EXCEL or Word. Examine report or select partial data to print.
10、Sample selection: each sample to make the test results can be selected as an effective test, and can do continuous testing.
11、Automatic storage: test conditions, test results, test curves and data can be automatically stored, at any time.
12、Fracture stop: When the sample is pulled off, the beam automatically stop or return to the initial position.
13、Automatic protection: Automatic load, overflow, pressure, under voltage, excess temperature, high and low spacing protection.
14、Crossbeam position: This machine has the scale instruction crossbeam position, but also has the crossbeam position digit display function.
15、Control function: The machine has the constant speed control mode.
16、Hand control: The machine may automatic control, and may manual operate crossbeam high and low speed change, cause the crossbeam position control to be more convenient.
17、May choose the different strength value unit(N、kgf、gf)
18、Printing: The machine can process data, and prints the report.
19、Automatic calibration: the load, elongation can be automatically calibrated.
20、Clear: at any time manually or automatically cleared of load, deformation, displacement measurement.

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