baytree packaging material corporation
Hello,we are baytree packaging material corporation from china.
Our company specialized produce the packaging film for various kinds of medicines (tablet,capsule,injectable,oral fluid).They are officinal PVC film and colored PVC film,officinal PVDC coated PVC,officinal PE coated PVC and officinal PVC/PVDC/PE compound film.

It's suitable for medication or food packaging.
Production list:

BLISTER PACKAGING Plastic with Aluminium Package Material

1. officinal PVC film
2. officinal PVC/PVDC compound film
3. Officinal PVC/PE compound film
4. officinal PVC/PVDC/PE compound film
5. Thinnest Soft PVC film

Soft Coaded Film

PET/PVDC film coated with PVDC on single side
PE/PVDC film coated with PVDC on single side
BOPP film coated with PVDC on single side
BOPP film coated with PVDC on double side
Acrylic film coated with PVDC on single side
Nylon film coated with PVDC on single side
Fog-proof Film
All main materials are using the high grade PVC resin ,assisted with the top grade accessorial materials. Our product is not only equal in thickness, transparent and clear but also have such characteristics: good impact resistance ,good anti-corrosion, good aging-resistant ,good ultraviolet-resistant and readily to shape , quick heat seal, excellent airproof character and so on.

We have the standard factory whose cleanliness requirement meets the standard GMP100,000 grade,strictly and particularly get into the production process for comprehensive quality control system with advanced production equipment ,scientific and reasonable production art, created almost perfect products.

Presently our products already exported to USA,England,Netherland,Australia,Israel and Russia.

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