Asia qaChina inspection services
QaChina Inspection Services, which is based in Xiamen China, is a third party independent

service company. Our mission is to help buyers targeting the right products and

manufacturers improving the quality consistently. With the philosophy of providing service

to cover all interests for the partnership, we focus to achieve win-win situation business

environment so as to generate a good sales volume.

We have qualified inspectors who have worked in famous international inspection companies

and experts who have worked in manufacturers for many years. Therefore we not only provide

normal business services as other companies do, but provide valued-added services such as

improving consultation for production and factories.

What do you get from us?
Good services and a clear and professional report is exactly what we provide to you, so you

can make decision against it. More than that, your business partners will benefit from our

improving comments and suggestions.

What does qaChina provide?

A. Inspection Services

1. Ceramics and glassware inspection;
2. Textile, garment and footgear inspection;
3. Electrical appliance inspection;
4. Toys and sundries inspection;
5. Giftwares, housewares and homewares inspection;
6. Stone products inspection;
7. Container loading supervision;
8. Tally and sampling;

B. Factory Evaluation

1. Factory evaluation;
2. QA system evaluation;
3. Ethical evaluation;
4. Customs - Trade Partnership Against Terrorism evaluation
5. Sourcing agents;

C. Consultation

1. Products improving consultation;
2. Factory improving consultation;

D. Inspection Training

1. Textile inspection training;
2. Toys and sundries inspection training;
3. Electrical inspection training;
4. Factory audit training;

E. Choices of Solutions

1. Pre-productions Check;
2. Initial Production Check;
3. During Production Check;
4. In-line and End of line Check;
5. Final Random Inspection;
6. Loading Supervision;
7. Tailor-made solution;

F. Plus many more services available.

We provide services to arrange business trips, itinerary, hotel accommodation and also

provide interpretation, translation service. Tailor-made services make your business trip to

China easy and successful.

What does qaChina check during inspection?

1. Workmanship;
2. Actual quantities;
3. Colour assessment;
4. Hand feel, design and construction;
5. Dimension and measurement;
6. Weight;
7. Packaging;
8. Labelling and marks;
9. Odour and smell;
10. Drop test;
11. Basic function test;
12. Metal detection test etc. As you require;

What does qaChina use?

1. Sampling method:
MIL-STD-105E or percentage according to the client's requirement.
2. AQL
3. ASTM D5430 4-point system
4. ISO Standards, SA8000
5. Industry benchmarks
6. Our experiences and our specialising.

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      North America;South America / Caribbean;West Europe;East Europe / Russia;East Asia;Southeast Asia;Mid-East / Africa;Australia / New Zealand;China / Hong Kong;