Computer-Electrohydraulic Universal Testing Machine

Product ID: WAW200-2000

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This machine is mainly used for metal and non-metal of tension test ,compression test ,bending test and shearing test.
  • Function^$The oil cylinder is set on the bottom in this machine,the test space can be adjusted automatically by motor,hydraulic damp automatically, and with 4 adjustable columns.The measuring unit is composed of high accurate load cell, high-grade electric elements.Computer and Chinese windows'2000/XP platform software system.Load and deformation calibrated automatically;measuring range switch automatically; test con-ditions and test results restore automatically;the parameters,including Fm,ReH,ReL,Rp0.2,Rm and elastic modulus?E, can be obtained automatically; the data and curve can be scanned,partly amplified, superimposed and com-pared ,and a complete test report and curve can be printed out.
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