Vibration Test System

Product ID: Vibration Tester

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Universal (Far East) Pte Ltd provides a wide range of Electro-Dynamic shakers with force output from 50kgf to 18,000kgf. The vibration testing systems are designed to perform structural excitation and product testing of small component to large payloads. In addition to the line of electro-dynamic shakers, we also offer permanent magnet designs for shakers and modal thrusters 50kgf and under.

These vibration systems are used to support a variety of applications including Automotive, Military, Aerospace and Aviation, Medical, Telecommunications and Electronics testing purposes.

Electro-Dynamic shakers installed by Universal (Far East) Pte Ltd are built according to the strictest quality standards in an ISO 9001 certified facility and every system is thoroughly tested in full compliance with ISO 5344. Digital switching amplifiers utilize the most advanced state-of-the-art IGBT technology available. Superior efficiency translates into increased reliability with MTBF calculated at 10,000 hours.

Our range of Electro-Dynamic Shakers can also be combined with a vibration- environmental chamber to test your product, reducing your cost and time to run 2 separate tests.