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RedAlert is a safety device that automatically alerts the driver behind you that you are about to make sudden stop before your foot hits the brake pedal!! In an emergency situation the RedAlert system enables the brake (stop) light to be activated some time before the brake pedal is actually pressed. In such cases the driver in the vehicle behind is given extra time and extra braking distance, both factors affecting driver ability to avoid and accident. The moment you take your foot off the accelerator-in an emergency your brake lights will be activated. This alerts the driver behind you, allowing him about 8.5 meters(30 feet) additional stopping distance when traveling at 100kmh(60mph). Tested and approved by the German TUV, it is manufactured using advance technology and activated only in case of emergency stop. It is easily and quickly assembled and connected to car's electrical system, without cutting wires. Installed on the accelerator rod, it becomes a valuable part of your car-without changing the manufacturer's original design.
.First the ABS, then the AIRBAG and NOW, the ABW
  • Advanced Brakelights Warning System
  • The 3 "A"s of safety

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