Locking Pliers - Curved Jaw with Wire Cutter

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Locking Pliers

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We, Mightyjaw Tools Co., Ltd., are fulled of technical experiences and very well known on the Locking Pliers markets. We are offering good Locking Pliers product services with qualities and have modern facilities and quality control for Locking Pliers process as, even better, other Locking Pliers manufacturers. Therefore, Mightyjaw Tools Co., Ltd. will be a good manufacturing partner as your need.

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  • Curved jaw with wire cutter.
  • Size: 10", 7", 5".
  • Material: Carbon steel, CR - V, CR - MO.
  • Movable handle: American type (A), European type (G).
  • Surface treatment: Electro plating, black oxide industrial finished.
  • Number of rivet: Five rivets, three rivets.
  • TUV / GS

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