Chang Way has more than thirty seven years experiences in stamping field. The concept of Chang Way is "Honest for customers, Advance anytime, Service at first".
We are proud to say we can satisfy any requirement in field from our customers.
For our options, success are belonging to our customers and Chang Way.

Our history

Date Event
Date Event
1972/11 Found in November as precision stamping parts specialist.
1973/07 OEM for DELTA for stamping parts manufacturing.
1975/10 Ranked as the best OEM supplier for DELTA.
1976/12 Plating department founded.
1977/06 Began to develop LED & Socket.
1996/05 Began to develop connectors, parts in computer, Lead Frame & Vco case.
1998/03 Began to develop mobile phone antenna parts.
1999/07 OEM for FCI.
2000/10 Factory dilated.
2001/06 OEM for Molex.
2001/08 OEM for Datel.
2002/10 Began to develop pressure sensor.
2003/01 Received ISO 9001:2000 Certificates.
2005/08 OEM for SANYO
2006/06 Inducts the European market

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